Pregnancy and delivery are hard work! In order to ensure that only the most qualified candidates participate in our programs, surrogate mothers with Florida Surrogate Agency are compensated well for the commitment, dedication and time they must devote to carrying a healthy child to term and delivering that baby into your arms. As the intended parents, you will be responsible for the surrogate mother cost. A large part of the motivation for most surrogate mothers is the fulfillment and joy they get simply by helping others build their families, but since the entire surrogacy process is time-consuming and physically invasive, a surrogate mother’s fee helps offset this.

How Much Does A Surrogate Mother Cost?

On average, a surrogate mother will make up to $35,000 per surrogacy experience (including health insurance, legal and other covered expenses). As the intended parents, you will place the surrogate’s fee into an escrow account after your surrogacy agreement is signed, and she will then be paid from that amount on a schedule according to the terms of your agreement. The actual amount she will be paid depends on several factors:

1.) Whether she has been a successful surrogate before (repeat successful surrogates are compensated more for their time),

2.) The specific circumstances of the pregnancy (a surrogate carrying multiples requires more compensation than a surrogate carrying a singleton),

3.) The surrogate’s requested stipend amount.

Please note that this fee refers only to the surrogate’s base compensation. To find out more about the other costs associated with surrogacy, please contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.

If you are an intended parent who is ready to apply, please contact us today.

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